Classes and
Price List

United Krav Maga World Organisation

United Krav Maga World Organisation was established by an international group of experienced instructors headed by Master Tomasz Adamczyk with the aim: “to provide realistic solutions to modern day threats.”

Price list:

Silver Package – Access to one class per week

Junior/teen membership – £34 per month

Adult membership – £44 per month

Gold Package – Gives you access to two classes per week

Junior/teens – £44 per month

Adults – £54 per month

Platinum Package – Gives you access to three classes per week

Teens – £54 per month

Adults – £64 per month


2nd floor

The Griphouse gym

10 Possil road

G4 9SY

*all our classes take place at the same location

Improve your fighting skills

At Glasgow United Krav Maga, we like to get out and about. As United Krav Maga is a reality-based self-defence system training, it is conducted in a variety of environments. Our aim is to teach you adaptability and improve your fighting skills. We don’t like to confine our training to the gym. Fighting on an even surface is one thing but to fight on sand, grass or concrete is another. We regularly hold our classes outside to give our students the maximum amount of experience in a variety of scenarios. After all you might find yourself in a difficult situation at a bus stop, a pub, at a football match, or perhaps while walking along your own street. We are aware that your abilities will improve rapidly if you train in as many environments as possible. We look forward to putting what you learn in the gym into practice in the street. Our aim is to give you the best chance we can when you are confronted by an aggressor, no matter the circumstances.

Class objectives

We focus on the main principles of United Krav Maga that include:

  • The techniques of avoiding injury
  • The use of drills that take advantage of natural reflexes
  • Defending and attacking in the minimum time required
  • The use of human body’s vulnerable spots
  • The use of the body’s natural weapons as well as ordinary objects that may be nearby
  • No rules and make use of everything you have
    Learning to defend against multiple attackers is an integral part of United Krav Maga training. We will teach you how to be comfortable in a ground confrontation. Many fights end up on the ground and you will learn how to deal with that scenario.
  • To enrol on our self-defence classes in Glasgow, call Glasgow Krav Maga on